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About Us

It all started with Mary, our neighbor down the road. She had mentioned that the belt on her John Deere rider kept slipping off, causing her to have to call for service each time. She asked if I would mind taking a look at it, as it was getting to be very expensive and time-consuming to have the local shop come and pick it up. Turns out, it was only a bent belt tensioner, which cost only $7 and took about an hour to replace. But it got us wondering....

As mowers get more and more complex, and as a result heavier, it becomes increasingly difficult to take them to the shop. Worse yet, riding mower owners have to own a pick-up or invest in a trailer just to have them serviced, totally negating their convenience. And, we’ve heard horror stories about what it costs to have the shop come and pick up equipment--just ask Mary!

In a day and age when just about everything (including even dinner!) can be either shipped or delivered to your home, we wondered why mowers like Mary’s had to go “to the shop” every time the slightest thing was wrong with them. And we still wonder.

Mister Mobile Mower is an entirely new concept in mower and small engine repair. “We come to you.” Our van is equipped with all of the tools and most of the parts we will need to service your lawn and garden machinery. (and if we have to run out for a part, we won’t charge for “time on the road”) We work on all major brands, and our work is guaranteed. We are fully licensed, insured, bonded, and our technicians have achieved the  Briggs and Stratton Master Service Technician (MST) designation, the industry’s most rigorous quality distinction.

By being fully mobile, we don’t have to own, maintain and insure a building. We don’t have to hire administrative and retail staff, and our time and money spent on payroll, taxes, and other personnel-related issues is minimal. We can spend our time doing what we love to do; work on mowers. And, we can pass the savings on to you. When you make an appointment with Mister Mobile Mower, you don’t have to spend your time and money hauling your equipment to us. You know your mower will be fixed on that day, not “when we get to it”.

At Mister Mobile Mower, it’s a “win-win”.


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